Monday, 24 June 2013

PS4, FreeBSD Orbis OS

A few months ago I wrote about the PS4 possibly being based on Linux and being Steam-box compatible. However much I wished this to be the case it seems that I was correct in suggesting the PS4 OS would be based on FreeBSD (similarly to the PS3).

Well the folks over at vgleaks have obtained more information, and it seems that Orbis OS is a modified version of FreeBSD 9.0

The next obvious question is given the lack of AMD graphics support on BSD will any of the drivers (or parts of drivers) be made available to the BSD project?

Sony/AMD is under no obligation to contribute back with the BSD license but doing so would certainly be appreciated by the FreeBSD community.

Given that Sony has done a better job of marketing it's embracing of Indie developers than Microsoft, would a code contribution back to FreeBSD allow more Indie dev's to participate in development on the PS4 using FreeBSD?

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