Sunday, 24 February 2013

Windows Blue

Some screenshots of what is reported to be Windows Blue have surfaced showing an update to the Kernel.

Will Windows Blue be a service pack to Windows 8, or is the transition of Windows to a rolling release?

What does it need to be successful? Here are a few suggestions:

Multiple/Virtual Desktops

The current desktop is now just a  ModernUI tile, therefore wouldn't be nice if multiple desktops were available? Maybe Microsoft thinks the traditional desktop is dead. But showing the desktop some love would go a long way to fixing the perceived neglect of the desktop in Windows 8.

Fix Sleep/Standby Issues

This seems to be a common issue. Search Google for Windows 8 sleep/standby problems and you'll find forums filled with complaints that suspend worked on Windows 7 but isn't working with correctly on Windows 8 with the same hardware. Many users can't wake suspended/sleeping machines. So much for Windows 8 working better on older hardware.

Fix Storage Spaces

Pooled storage is great, it's not just for Enterprise, home users can benefit too, but storages spaces doesn't seem to be stable. A quick Google search shows horror stories of storage pools going offline and not being able to be brought back online, not to mention the sometimes atrocious write performance. Instead of taking storage spaces offline when the pool is "full" how about making the pool read-only with a nice warning message to users? That way users have access to their data, if they don't happen to have a spare hard drive to add to the  pool.

Get Rid of Drive Letters

Drive letters aren't needed. Move to the Unix way of doing things with mount points. Use some clever hacks to keep older software working correctly but fix the file-system layout and use partitioning (in combination with working pooled storage this would be great).
  • /Windows - Partiton/Pool, just for Windows obviously
  • /Users - Partiton/Pool for users home folders. SSDs are becoming more popular, and there biggest advantage is speed. Users probably don't want to take valuable storage space on their SSD with Documents etc.
  • /Program Files - Partition/Pool for non-os programs.

Remove Advertising

Adverts in ModernUI apps, these just make the operating system look tacky.


The Verge has more info...

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